James Boulette CPA Director Tax Consultant

James (Jamie) Boulette | One River CPAs

As managing director, Jamie focuses on the future growth of the firm. He takes a hands-on approach with his clients, providing tax, accounting, and advisory services. A central Maine native, Jamie now lives in Arrowsic.

Before One River

Jamie graduated from the University of Maine at Orono.

At One River

Jamie's practice specialties include manufacturers, medical practices, closely-held businesses and individual and business tax planning.

Besides One River

Jamie's Articles...

Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is Good for Business » JANUARY 15, 2018
UnAs I write this article, Congress is about to vote on major corporate tax reform, namely the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”. Supporters of the bill believe that corporate...
Time is Running Out to Make Your
State Income Tax Payments and Still be
Provided a Deduction on Your
Federal Income Tax Return. »
DECEMBER 7, 2017
Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you are aware that both the House and Senate have passed legislation to update the tax code. Both plans are calling for a repeal...
Marijuana Sales and the
Monster Hiding in the Tax Code »
OCTOBER 31, 2017
Marijuana is currently legal in some form in 30 States, Washington DC, Guam and Puerto Rico. It is quickly becoming a major economic driver in many states as reflected...
Will Taxes Mean the End of
Marijuana Reform? »
FEBRUARY 20, 2017
Last November, Maine voters approved the legalization of recreational marijuana. Since then, entrepreneurs in the industry have begun gearing up now for...
Business Owners:
On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! »
JANUARY 19, 2017
The start of the New Year marks the beginning of the IRS informational reporting season that will keep most business owner’s heads spinning. None are overbearing...
It’s Better to Give Than to Receive » MARCH 29, 2016
Since moving to the Mid-Coast area a few years ago, my wife and I have been called upon many times to help a number of local charities. We are very strong believers...
Taxable Income: Gambling & Lottery » MARCH 11, 2016
I suspect that most households participate in one way or another in the gambling industry. We purchase lottery tickets, enjoy an afternoon at the casino, a day at the race track...
Who Should Prepare My Taxes? » FEBRUARY 12, 2016
If you read my last blog on Getting Organized for Tax Time, you remember that over 150,000,000 Americans will file a tax return this year. Tax preparers and...
Getting Organized for Tax Time » JANUARY 27, 2016
This year we know with certainty that April 19th will mark the end of tax season. That is correct, April 19th for Maine and Massachusetts residents. April 15th falls on a Friday...
Protecting Americans from
Tax Hikes Act 2015 »
JANUARY 13, 2016
Kudos to congress for passing legislation and protecting the timber industry from a bevy of tax increases. Importantly, the Act extends, and in some cases...
Who Really Pays Their
“Fair Share” of FICA Tax? »
JUNE 13, 2014
After recently hearing political candidates argue over Social Security taxes and vowing to make sure that everybody pays their “fair share,” I thought I would dig into...
Your choice of entity
can make a difference... »
NOVEMBER 30, 2013
Too often professionals do not take the time to consider the impact to the client when recommending the proper choice...