Recording a Barter Trade Transaction in QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks for Mac and QuickBooks Online

Do you have clients that want to trade their services with you? Possibly you performed a service for them and they provided you with goods and services or vise versa. If that’s the case, the following describes how to best handle this barter transaction inside of QuickBooks. The net effect on your income is zero, but you will gain a more accurate picture of your total income and expenses for that period of time.

In this Example you will be Lucy’s Landscaping: Johnny’s Plumbing installed a new Shower for Lucy’s Landscaping business and Lucy’s Landscaping spruced up the yard with new shrubs and flowers at Johnny’s Plumbing Office.

Let’s begin by going to your Chart of Accounts and creating a New account (the type=Bank) and let’s call it Barter/Trade Clearing Account.

Enter in an invoice for landscaping services for your (Customer) Johnny’s Plumbing representing the amount of income you would have received had you not traded services.

Next enter in a Bill for the Shower installation under Johnny’s Plumbing (Vendor) for the amount you would have paid had you not traded services.

Receive a payment against the landscaping invoice. When depositing this money into your bank account (In QuickBooks) choose the Barter/Trade Clearing Account.

Now pay the Bill for the Shower install using the Barter/Trade Clearing Account.

At this point, you will need to reconcile the Barter/Trade Clearing Account. Begin the reconcile by choosing the Barter/Trade account and entering a zero in the ending balance amount and proceed to reconcile like you would any normal bank account. Always reconcile this account once you have completed your trade transactions.

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Exceptional Customer Service: Everyone Wins

“Customer Service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job.” – Anonymous

Customer service is a smile, a genuine warm welcome, a patient, listening ear for what is being said, and always remember the old adage of “Kindness Matters”; it really does matter. Recognizing that when our clients call us or come in with questions and concerns, they are not an interruption in our day, they MAKE our day!

Our clients are the primary reason we show up everyday, ready to work with and for them. The best customer service begins in the workplace, treating the folks we see and work with everyday with the same respect and positivity that we’d expect to receive. That customer service “culture” flows through to interactions with our clients, whether by phone, email or face to face meetings.

As Martin Oliver said, “Whether you are big or small, you cannot give good customer service if your employees don’t feel good about coming to work.” I believe that when the workplace mindset is to provide out-of-the-ordinary customer service, for clients and for co-workers, we are all winners.

About the Author: Peg Campbell  joined the PFBF CPAs team in 2006 to bring excellent support to our team and superior customer service to our clients.  Peg takes the time to welcome every client who calls or visits our office, making sure all of their needs are met. She co-manages the front office, processes tax returns, and supports our team of accountants.